Stage Steel Battle Ready Swords

Battle Ready

The Stage Steel Battle Ready Swords used in this video are:
#4400 Double Handed Broadsword and #4402 Single Handed Broadsword

Stage Steel Battle Ready Swords

Stage Steel Battle Ready Swords

Stage Steel battle ready full tang swords. Durable swords of rigid tempered steel featuring blunt edges for Live Action!
The European and Roman battle ready swords feature a hammered and blackened iron pommels and guard welded to a hefty tempered steel blade. The grip is padded with leather and wire wrapped. Oriental versions have a smoother darkened tsuba and end cap and feature the same great leather and wire wrapped handles. Each of these full tang battle ready weapons has been crafted by hand with the blade made from a single thick rigid piece of steel that extends the length of the blade through grip with heavy welded guards and pommels. These weapons are durable and suitable for stage battle and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price!
Battle Ready Stage Steel Swords
Stage Steel Battle Ready Swords



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